An early spring ride indulgence with @GirlBikeLove:  LoBo Trail, golden ale at #bootstrapbrewery and a pushy head wind on the way home.
04.09.14 /09:13
I don’t believe in heroes but I do believe in looking for inspiration in all sorts of places. #cyclingatanyage
01.27.14 /18:54
If there are mariachis, there’s fun. Yesterday at the USA Cyclecross National Championship. Headed back today to watch the elite racers.
01.12.14 /08:13
Jennifer S Roberts’ photostream on Flickr.Spinning round Boulder—kept unclipping to catch colors of autumnal flame colors
10.14.13 /20:53

Love my new Clutch from Clutch stash_co. Love their msg: “We are reminded how short life really is. And how we are just passing through. So, all the people you haven’t told you love lately, tell them, and live your days like you mean it. “

- Hal Sutton

Love that sweet simple sentiment
07.29.13 /21:08/ 10
Cherry Vale Spin, a set on Flickr.Blue tractors, green fields, and heavy rain clouds. #Boulder cycling
07.29.13 /21:06

Last weekend’s hail storm created a kaleidoscope of color.  #boulder #lyons




Two Dogs Dining

Starring Nono and Sia.

I can’t stop. It’s so hilarious and perfect.

OH MY GOD. I can’t stop laughing.

Two dogs eating their paleo dins (i’m fairly certain those are parsnips) in a fancy restaurant.

What could be better than cycling out to Hygiene? Cycling out Crane Hollow Cafe in Hygiene for breakfast. Summer’s rolling session

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